Bosch FlexiClick 5-in-1 cordless drill/driver system


Bosch Rotary Hammer AdaptorBosch Blue Australia recently announced their newly launced 5-in-1 FlexiClick system that enables the transformation of their 14.4v or 18v drill/driver into an SDS+ rotary hammer, among other things.

With a standard hex head attachment on the two powerful Bosch V-EC FC2 drill/drivers, the FlexiClick system has four attachments that can be adjusted while on the tools – 13mm chuck, right angle, off-set and SDS+ rotary hammer.

Bosch say they are the first powertool manufacturer to offer the rotary hammer adaptor which they state punches out one joule and can drill “effortlessly into concrete” to a maximum diameter of 10mm.

While Festool has had a similar system for a while, the rotary hammer adaption adds a new element and signals Bosch’s intent.

Indeed a Bosch press release said: “This makes work much easier for kitchen builders, cabinet makers and interior fitters because they often have to loosen or drive screws in areas close to edges on cabinets and walls, or even in drill holes in tight gaps.”.

The 18v Bosch FlexciClick kit at Total Tools is priced at $549 (let us know if you find it elsewhere) and includes two batteries and a charger. Based on overseas markets,  TTT expects adaptors will be sold separately in Australia, if they are not already.

Bosch FlexiClick 5-in-1 system snapshot (video below):

The four Bosch FlexiClick adapters are connected to the cordless drill/drivers in the same way as professional tradespeople are used to connecting keyless chucks: Simply place the adapter on the FlexiClick interface and turn it clockwise. Repeated clicking then indicates a secure connection between the two components – and the system is ready to use.

GSR 14.4 V-EC FC2 and GSR 18 V-EC FC2 cordless drill/drivers have a hex bit holder which can be used with standard bits. Bosch state they are the only screwdrivers in their class to have a bit lock function and a universal interface with colour coding.

GFA FC2 drill chuck adapter has an Auto-Lock function, accepts drill bits of up to 13mm and enables precise drilling in tight spaces. The cordless drill/drivers are only 205 millimeters long including drill chuck adapter.

GEA FC2 off-set angle adapter allows for precise screwdriving close to edges while  16 working positions can be set without having to remove the FlexiClick adapter.

GWA FC2 angle adapter enables tradespeople to drive screws conveniently and precisely even in areas where there is little space. It effectively drives screws round corners and is very compact with its length of 95 millimeters. The angle adapter is also quickly and easily locked in 16 different

GHA FC2 rotary hammer adapter transforms the cordless drill/driver into a powerful SDS-plus rotary hammer with the hammer mechanism integrated into the adapter. Bosch state it can drill effortlessly into concrete to a maximum diameter of 10mm but are more compact than traditional rotary hammers.



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