VIDEO: Bosch Wireless Charging Coming Soon to Australia


Bosch Wireless ChargingTradies overseas are now able to charge their Bosch drill without even plugging the battery into a charger, with  Bosch Australia to follow suit at an as yet unknown time.

It was only 2003 that lithium ion batteries began making their way from from mobile phones into powertools, making cordless tools a real viability for big jobs and paving the way for the more recent brushless revolution.

Now Bosch – an original innovator in lithium ion in 2003 – has launched a “Wireless Charging System” for those batteries, meaning their 18v range of batteries can be charged using inductive energy transfer without being removed from tools.

Fully compatible with their current 18v battery range, Bosch will release the technology overseas later in 2014 with Australia likely to follow soon after.

“We are convinced that we can be just as successful with this pioneering achievement as we were with the first integration of lithium-ion cells,” a Bosch spokesperson said.

The technology, which is used in other areas in devices such as charging stations for electric toothbrushes and recently also in cellphones, is based on contactless energy transfer. An alternating magnetic field is generated in the transmitter using a coil. The receiver also contains a coil which is penetrated by the alternating magnetic field. This induces a voltage and generates a current flow that Bosch say provides the same charging times as those provided by conventional power tool battery chargers.

While it is inconvenient to take the charging station with you around site, research and development into the technology is continuing with an exciting outlook. It might not be too long before you can even charge your battery while you are using it!

Do you see benefit in Bosch’s Wireless Charging System?


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