The ultimate collection of Safety Fails


All in all it’s just another, brick in the wall:

When taking to a wall with a sledgehammer, it’s probably wise NOT to go from the ground up. Here’s a couple of guys who didn’t get that memo.


Why you wear PPE:

So you don’t like wearing PPE? Ok well watch this and then you’ll see why wearing PPE is better than cutting your face in half with a chainsaw. Oh yeah… and never get in the kickback trajectory when using a chainsaw.


Productivity Fail:

These guys are clearly just making work for the sake. Very strange. Very strange indeed.

HAHA!! Just… why?

Posted by Tools Trades Toys on Sunday, November 16, 2014


Excavator Ride:

What’s that sound? Oh that’s just the sound of jaws hitting the floor as people watch this video. Oh yeah… workcover is investigating.

This video has caused quite a stir and prompted a WorkSafe investigation. What do you think? Is this guy an idiot or is it harmless fun?

Posted by Tools Trades Toys on Sunday, January 11, 2015


Chainsaw lassoo the hedge 

This guy is a sure thing for a Darwin Award in the very near future.

Chainsaw Safety Fail

The ultimate idiot! Natural selection will soon take its course. #Safetyfail #DarwinAwards #FAIL

Posted by ProChoice Safety Gear on Tuesday, September 29, 2015


Concrete buffer goes mental

This is why it’s good to have a safety action plan.



Working at heights fail

The certain death that awaits this man as he swings freely off the side of a building doesn’t seem to deter him. Maybe he thinks the rope tied to his belly that is presumably meant to be a fall arrest harness will save him.

In reality it’s more likely to chop him in two.


Safety Fail

This guy clearly didn’t complete Height Safety 101. See more Safety Fails at #SafetyFail #Fail #OHS

Posted by ProChoice Safety Gear on Sunday, October 11, 2015


Gravity always wins

Gravity pretty much defines our universe and scientists think it even relates to time. However this guy clearly hasn’t heard of it and he jackhammers away at the platform he is standing on, with predictable consequences.


Gravity always wins

Gravity always wins. #FAIL See more safety fails here:

Posted by Tools Trades Toys on Friday, October 23, 2015


Wide Load

This guy takes the term “wide load” to an all new level.

While he is on the seriously stupid end of the spectrum, leaving ladders, pipes, poles or other unsecured gear in the back of your truck can be just as dangerous and attract hundreds of dollars in fines.


HAHA Oh Dear… Gives new meaning to the term Wide Load. #FAIL #SafetyFail See more safety fails here:

Posted by ProChoice Safety Gear on Thursday, November 12, 2015



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