Drill Powered Skateboard


Drill Powered SkateboardThere’s a heap of motorised or electric skateboards out there, however the Kranx Powerstik is the only one TTT is aware of that is powered by your own drill.

Unlike other motorised skateys, the motor and battery is in your hand – often very high quality brushless motors and batteries – meaning less weight on the board, a drawback of some electric skateboards.

This also means the Kranx Powerstik is interchangeable between different skateboards, or removable if you want to use the power of gravity.

Founder of Kranx, Tony Ward is using what looks like a Milwaukee 18v FUEL drill – which is seriously powerful. If you run Ozito on site (shame on you) then you might not get up the hill. Likewise if you’re running 12v – but without the shame.

This is a Kickstarter campaign at the moment, meaning it needs your help to get off the ground. If you want to put your tools to good use on the weekend, then throw your support behind this campaign.

Check out the video and click the K for more info!


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