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  • Tom Haynes
    Tom Haynes on #2977

    Power tools are offering better tech seemingly every day with big claims of power, run time charge time and technology. What is your favourite power tool brand (cordless and 240v)? Why?

    glenn on #3530

    Firstly, thanks for the new site!

    We do A/C installs and use all cordless except for the vac pump and a Bosch drill with a dust extractor for indoor masonry drilling and core drilling.

    All of our cordless tools are Milwaukee. I use M12 and the boss uses M18.

    As an aside our electrician uses Makita and his apprentice uses Milwaukee M18.

    Basically I chose Milwaukee because they have a couple of specific tools that no other manufacturer has in their line up. ie the ratchet and the small rotary hammer. Plus you have to like their warranty.

    For home use I have some older Ryobi 18v tools which have served me well over the years. They are quite good but due to Bunning’s monopoly on the brand they are now well overpriced and frankly no longer good value.

    In the future I will continue to add to the M12 platform and I plan to sell off and replace the Ryobi tools as I go.

    Tom Haynes
    Tom Haynes on #3532

    Hey Glenn,

    Milwaukee M12 are definitely a powerful lot and their warranty is among the best as we found out in this review https://toolstradestoys.com.au/powertool-brand-best-warranty/

    How does your electrician find Makita?

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    glenn on #3534


    Yes he is very happy with them. Although he did have an SDS drill burn out a few months ago, which was out of warranty. In all fairness though, he pushes them pretty hard.

    I think all the main manufacturers make fantastic gear, I think the best bet it to buy into the brand and battery platform that has the majority of the tools you need.

    There are some tools that I don’t necessarily need but would like in other brands but I just cant justify actually buying them.

    So many tools. so little money!


    suchyfo on #4454

    My favourite power tool brands are Husqvarna and Oregon. I have a chainsaw of husqvarna brand and a chainsaw sharpener of Oregon brand and whenever I have need of any tool I just go through this website BestofMachinery.com
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    suchyfo on #4455

    Have a good day 🙂

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    Garryopt on #4459

    My favorite tool is stihl and Timbur Tuff. Using since very long time and I enjoy working with these tools. I bought these tools and this guide helped me a lot: https://www.2kreviews.com/best-chainsaw-sharpener/

    stacyjhonna on #4468

    I like Oregon 410-120 tool because it is designed to be mounted on a bench or a wall in your workshop. It’s not portable, unless you’re creative enough to mount it on your truck and run it off a generator. But it’s fast, and it’s easy to use. If you occasionally need to sharpen your chain saw chain, this is a great investment. I bougt it a year ago with the help of this review : https://www.bestreviewslist.com/best-chainsaw-sharpeners/

    maria002 on #4469

    This is very well written post. Thankyou for sharing.

    Best Heavy Duty Sewing Machines 2018 (#3rd is a Killer)

    Tools Expert on #4472

    My favorite tools brands are Oregon and STIHL. Once I was confused which chainsaw sharpener to buy. This chainsaw sharpener guide helped me to choose the best brand tool: https://www.consumersbase.com/best-chainsaw-sharpener/

    mrgadget on #4473

    My favorite tool is Timberline. I am using this for a long time and I enjoy working with these tools. I bought these tools and this guide helped me a lot: https://manoffamily.com/best-chainsaw-sharpeners/

    sambourgan24 on #4474

    My Favourite brand in power tools is Husqvarna. I buy a new power tool after reading the awesome article on this top reviews website

    HumanRemainsTransfer on #4532


    maria002 on #4535

    My best powerfool is Self Propelled lawn mowers. I love them and cant live without.

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