Bosch’s new inspection camera always faces up


Bosch Inspection CameraBosch’s July 2015-launched GIC 120C inspection camera has sensors in the camera’s head that automatically rotates the image, ensuring the display is always correctly oriented.

When inspecting long or complex systems, such as water pipes, fuel lines or engines, many tradies have experienced difficulty determining where on the display was up and where was down. In response, Bosch have released GIC 120 and GIC 120 C Professional Inspection Cameras.

The new GIC 120 inspection cameras introduces “Compass View”, giving users a visual marker of where the real camera ‘up’ position is.

The premium GIC 120 C has micro sensors in the camera’s 8.5mm head that automatically rotate the image, ensuring the display is always correctly oriented with Bosch’s “Up is Up” technology.

The GIC 120 C’s larger 3.5” display puts an end to pixelated, blurry images. With a clearer, brighter, colour display, and 2x digital zoom, both the GIC 120 and GIC 120 C are essential tools for every tradie from electricians, and plumbers to mechanics and air con guys.

A simple self-explanatory user interface and improved ergonomic handle design makes setup easy and the new Quick Connector technology allows connection of the imager and cable in just seconds.

The GIC 120 C delivers more convenience through quick transfer of images directly from the tool via SD card or Micro USB and also integrates with Bosch;s 10.8v battery platform, while both models run of AA batteries. Both inspection cameras are operable in everything from transmission fluid, motor oil, antifreeze, gasoline, diesel fuel and brake fluid.

The GIC 120 inspection camera features a digital zoom function allowing precision focus, and black and white function for better contrast in difficult lighting conditions. In the box you’ll find alkaline batteries and120 cm camera cord – everything you need to get started straight away.

The more advanced GIC 120 inspection camera has a Softkey camera mode that allows simple switching between photo and video mode whilst in use and a larger 3.5” display, dual power source (10.8V and AA battery), and the “Up is Up” technology. In the box you’ll find: 4GB micro SD card, 120cm camera cord, robust carrying bag, alkaline batteries and battery adaptor.

GIC 120: RRP $269

GIC 120 C: RRP $429  


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