VIDEOS: Helmet saves skateboarder’s life + Hard hat Review


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This guy would be dead if he wasn’t wearing a helmet.

Now you’ve seen that, it’s a good time to talk about hard hats. Yeah hard hats might be inconvenient at times, but dying may also be inconvenient, as might brain damage…. so don’t be a total tool, wear a hard hat.

Since you’ve seen the video, cringed sufficiently and made the decision to always wear a hard hat, pick one that’s going to give your noggin some solid protection.

Start by ensuring it is independently tested and certified to Australian & New Zealand Standards (AS/NZS1801).

The next most important step should be fit, according to Brad Rodgers, Head of R&D at PPE manufacturer, ProChoice Safety Gear.

“For a hard hat to be fitted correctly, the nape strap needs to sit low on the head, ideally at the base of the skull,” Rodgers said, describing their V9 Ratchet hard hat with a simple swivel joint where the nape strap meets the headband.

21292_PrmntSP“A small retro-reflective dial is fitted to the back of the harness enabling minute sizing adjustments with a simple twist,” the spokesperson said, adding that it enabled one-handed harness adjustment for a precise fit without removing the hard hat.

“This is especially useful in strong winds or in situations where a dislodged hat can cause danger to both the worker and any bystanders below.”

ProChoice Safety Gear believe comfort is also key to ensuring hard hats stay on your head and they’ve strategically placed soft, foam padding V9 Hard Hatbehind the adjustment dial and combined it with a webbed cradling system that correctly positions the hat on the head and promotes ventilation.

It also uses a removable and replaceable cotton sweatband and nine air vents that encourage air flow. Nine is a recurring theme here, as the V9 also come in nine colours.

So, unless you are a cat and have nine lives… wear a hardhat.

TTT reviewed the V9 Hardhat and ratchet harness from ProChoice Safety Gear, as well as it’s sibling, the V6. Check it out below:

And to prove it’s not just skateboarders who need noggin protection, please share in the comments below, close calls you know about where a hard hat saved (or almost saved) someone’s skull.


Black Hard Hats for Black Dog InstituteBlack-Dog-Hard-Hat (1)

1 in 5 Australians suffer from mental illness every year, people you know and care about. To help, ProChoice Safety Gear has teamed up with the Black Dog Institute, to produce a new Limited edition Black Hard Hat.

In the lead up to mental health awareness week – October 4 – 10, $2 from the sale of every limited edition Black Hard Hat will be donated to help fund mental health research and awareness through the Black Dog Institute.

Check it out here.


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