Milwaukee announce 6.0 and 9.0 Amp Hour Batteries in Australia in late 2016

Milwaukee 6 and 9 amp battery

The 9 amp hour has more cells and weighs in at 1100 grams, slightly heavier and larger than the 4,5 and 6 Milwaukee Red Lithium.

If power tool sales was a game of poker then Milwaukee just dropped a full house with the upcoming release of their new 18v 9.0 amp hour ‘High Demand’ Red Lithium battery, as well as a new 6.0 amp hour Red Lithium battery.

The new batteries were announced ad coming soon at their 2015 Australian Milwaukee Product Symposium,  and officially launched at their 2016 event, which also launched their potentially game-changing One-Key app and product range in Australia.

The 9 amp hour battery is expected to be available from late September with the 6 amp hour battery to follow a few weeks later.  A new 12v 6 amp hour battery has also just been released and should be in stores soon or available to order.

Lithium ion battery size has surged in recent years, with Bosch releasing the first 6.0 amp hour battery in late 2014. Nothing stands still for long and Milwaukee was quick to see that bet and raise it by 3 amp hours as part of their promise to, “cut the cord” on site. 9 amps will also allow them to power their recently announced range of outdoor power equipment.

They are claiming that the 9 hour amp battery, when combined with the electronics and brushless motor technology of their Fuel range, will deliver comparable power and performance as corded models.

Furthermore, the new battery has full systems compatibility across the M18 range making it easy for existing customers to take advantage of the increased power.

“We wanted to reward the customers we’ve had in the past by sticking to the 18v,” said Milwaukee’s national training manager, Paul Jones.

With additional battery cells, Milwaukee says the 9 amp hour Red Lithium weighs in at 1100 grams and is slightly larger than the 4, 5 and 6 amp hour Red Lithium batteries, which all weigh 720 grams and are the same size and form factor.

For the extra 380 grams Milwaukee says the 9 amp hour will deliver a whopping 100% increase of runtime over their 5 amp hour Red Lithium battery, while the 6 amp hour will punch out an impressive 20% increase in run time.

They attribute this to a new chemical compound, battery housing, electronic management and protection systems meaning the batteries run cooler and longer.

“The management systems are like cruise control for your car,” Jones told TTT.

“It allows the battery to work only as hard as it has to, to get the job done. There is no wasted energy.”

The current draw of an application is spread out across more cells in the 9 amp battery which also contributes to the entire battery running cooler. With heat being the number one destroyer of lithium ion, anything that keeps it cooler is sure to be a good thing.

While you might not lock in the 9 amp hour to drill a couple of holes, strapping it into some of Milwaukee’s LED lighting or some of their high-powered tool applications makes plenty of sense.

9.0Ah 130L x 77W x 88H 1100 grams
6.0Ah 115L x 77W x 70H 720 grams
5.0Ah 115L x 77W x 70H 720 grams
4.0Ah 115L x 77W x 70H 720 grams

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