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OX Professional Door Clamp

ox tools reviewThey say:

OX Tools say that this door clamp will save you 15 minutes per door.  It’s easy to operate with Duragrip handles and is adjustable between 10-50 mm with felt covered jaws to protect the door.  It’s made from fully welded solid steal with calibrated springs.

Stew says:

I’ve always wanted one of these but have never bought one so it was great to get one for testing.

It’s a good piece of kit with a solid feel and a nice mechanism. It feels really robust and like it will last a long time.

I think it would definitely save you the time that it takes to build your own door block and is a much nicer solution. The best feature over a door block is the nice soft felt cover meaning the clamps are unlikely to damage the door. So particularly if you’ve got an expensive door, it’s a great option.


OX Professional 1000 mm Spirit Level

ox tools reviewThey say:

This three vial spirit level is made with accuracy in mind: two plumb site dual-view vials and a third magnified level vial with illumination.  It includes two milled surfaces and air-cushioned Ergogrip handles.

Stew says:

This was a good, solid spirit level.  I really liked the dual view vials – it’s a mirror which lets you see the bubbles from both the side and front on.  That’s really unique, I’ve never seen it before and it’s way more convenient than always craning your neck.

One thing I didn’t like were the non-removal bump stops.  I’m used to being able to take these off for when I use the level to mark vertically from the ground so that does affect the accuracy there but other than that it was a good, solid level.


OX Pro Claw Hammer – 24 oz

ox tools reviewThey say:

The 24 oz pro claw hammer is precision balanced and designed with a non-slip grip handle and shock reduction.  It’s forged from one piece of high quality steel for durability.

Stew says:

The 24 oz was heavier than I’m used to but I quickly got used to it and ended up enjoying the extra weight.

It had a nice flow and feel and I really liked the way it sat in my hand.  I would absolutely agree that the handle is non-slip.  It had a really good grip and I would say that the rubber definitely helps with the shock reduction.  The nail pullers were great too and I used them a lot.


OX Professional MPS Turbo Superior Diamond Blade

ox tools reviewThey say:

The turbo superior diamond blade uses SUPERFAST turbo technology to cut everything on a construction site: granite, natural stone, clay, engineering bricks, metal, concrete products and all other building materials.

It has a 12 mm segment height with a reinforced centre plate for added safety.  The blade is semi-transparent in use and has cooler cutting and damped semi-silent vibration.

Stew says:

I’m already an advocate of OX blades and I’d been using this exact blade for a few months already.

Getting another one to test was great.  We use it a lot on site and it cuts through concrete really well.  We’ve also used it on masonry and I know it can also cut through steel.

They’re excellent blades, I didn’t notice it heating up quickly or anything like that.  It’s really reliable and does exactly what they say it does.  Please send more!


OX Professional Leather Tool Pouch with Belt

ox tools reviewThey say:

The leather tool pouch comes on a 36 inch or a 40 inch heavy duty belt with two large inverted pockets, two medium pockets and six small pockets.  It includes a tape pocket and two metal hammer hangers.  The belt is riveted for extra strength.

Stew says:

Getting the tool belt for testing was perfect timing as my old belt was on its way out.  Tool belts are a personal preference really, but the pocket configuration of this OX belt is exactly what I would go for.

It’s got the two large pockets and two smaller ones with the metal hammer holsters on both sides and the tape measure holder in the back at the middle.  The leather is nice and soft too.

It’s holding together just fine after a few months, which is what you’d expect, and I’ve got no reason to believe it won’t be doing that for a while yet.


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