Avoid the traffic cop: Parking for Tradies


Parking for TradiesFinding parking when you are working in high density areas can be a nightmare, with parking fines not uncommon.

If you do manage to score a park, chances are it’s limited to an hour or two and not exactly close to the site, meaning you spend half your day running back to your car and either rubbing chalk off your tyres, finding a new park ,or praying the parking cop has a bad memory.

What’s more, when working on units, body corporates can be difficult, asking you to move cars, trailers or complaining about skip bins.

According to award winning builder and trade media personality, Luke Van Dyck, there is no magic solution for this issue however with the right planning and communication – both with clients and his team – it can be managed.

“When I am quoting on a job I always ensure I discuss parking and access,” he told TTT, saying he encouraged clients to assist with facilitation to save them money.

He discussed some councils having provisions for residents to obtain short term tradesman parking permits such as this permit from Waverly Council.

However many councils do not have such permits available, in which case, Luke says the job may warrant the establishment of a construction zone, although he concedes they are not cheap.

“The cost varies from council to council but it can be a substantial amount of money. We just have to price that into the job.”

He said most clients understood that the time and effort saved by not worrying about parking, skip bins and deliveries warranted the investment of a construction zone, adding that they also help with OHS.

Luke said unit block parking and access can also be tricky, with communication essential.

“I ensure body corporate and tenants are fully informed about what work is to be carried out and when, and pre-negotiate access and parking. Usually there is no problem with us securing space in visitor parking.”

“I also make sure the building manager has my contact details and post them on a noticeboard in the apartment block in case residents have concerns,” Luke said, conceding some unit blocks required more work than others to keep residents happy.

He also pre-arranges site deliveries to arrive at the least-disruptive times and ensures his team understand and abide by the agreed rules, car-pooling if necessary when permits are not available.

For smaller jobs where it’s not worth registering for a permit or involving multiple parties, Luke said clients often had visitor parking permits if requested.

“Often they don’t think about parking, and they have spare passes for their friends or family which they are happy to let us use when prompted.”

“The main thing is keeping the lines of communications open and keeping a little bit flexible,” he finished.

What strategies do you use to deal with parking limitations in high density areas?


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