Ping Pong Variations


 Whether you’re playing Ping Pong, Sting Pong, Beer Pong or Around the Pong, the table tennis table is a must have at any summer party.

Sting Pong:

PPP2Consequences make everything so much more interesting and sometimes losing isn’t enough. Enter Sting Pong. The rules are pretty simple: you play a standard game of ping pong and the winner has one shot to crack the table tennis ball at his late opponent’s shirtless back at the other end of the table.

The resulting CRACK as ping pong ball connects with flesh is a great crowd-entertainer and provides plenty of inspiration for the loser to become a winner in the next round as a money shot doesn’t tickle.

If the winner misses, there are no second chances, except for the chance to play the next opponent and go again. No need to keep score in this game, at the end, the person with the least amount of welts wins.

Beer Pong:

Beer PongOkay so there aren’t that many rules in Beer Pong, except that you have to throw, hit or bounce the ping pong ball into plastic cups on your opponents table.

Often played in teams of two, cups are generally filled with beer and there can be as many or as few cups as you want. Land the ping pong ball in your opponent’s cup and he or she has to drink the contents and the cup is removed. Whether a score allows you to shoot again is up to you. The first to remove all their opponent’s cups wins.

If you are good, you could even enter the World Series of Beer Pong (yes, really) and take home the  $50,000 winner’s pay check.

That said, the mostly likely thing you’ll take home from playing this is a hangover.

Beer Pong Image: Michael Meta licenced under Creative Commons

Around the Pong:

When you don’t want to wait as your mates pong on, play this variation – you’ll need multiple bats to do it properly.

Once you hit the ball you move clockwise around the table with someone coming in from your right to take the next shot. You can include both Beer Pong and Sting Pong in this variant, by having cups on the table and the person who misses the shot getting stung.

Can gets out of hand… which, let’s face it, is exactly what we like!

Pong On

You could just get really f*&%ing good and play like this… that seriously looks like heaps of fun. Ping PONG!




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