Tradies get the Ladies – Melbourne tradie becomes overnight sensation


Tradies get the ladiesIt’s often joked that tradies get the ladies and most of you have probably had mates hassle you about having no evidence to back this up. Luckily for you, a recent news story shows there may be some truth to this saying. To his surprise, a Melbourne tradie recently found he was an overnight internet sensation and sent pulses racing amongst the female population after an innocent Facebook post.

Tradie photo goes viral on Facebook

The Herald Sun recently reported that a Melbourne tradie adopted a boxer cross puppy and became something of a Facebook sensation. Adopting a dog may not seem particularly newsworthy but a photo of the tradie and his new furry friend was then posted on the Facebook page of Pet’s Haven and that’s when things became interesting. According to Pet’s Haven director, and much to the surprise of the unsuspecting tradie, the photo went viral and received over 17,000 likes on Facebook. This is no doubt related to the winning combination of a good looking tradie and cute canine companion.

Unfortunately for the women who had registered their interest in the attractive duo, it’s since been confirmed that the tradie does have a fiancé and is off the market. Most importantly, it’s also been confirmed that the tradie’s puppy has settled in well to his new home and we’re sure it’s taking the fame in its stride.

Don’t just rely on your looks

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