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Choofing before workAs many as 21 per cent of Aussie tradies get stoned before or during work according to a recent survey conducted by the National Cannabis Prevention and Information Centre (NCPIC).

The survey sampled more than 500 Aussie tradies in various fields including mining, construction, transport and defence, who responded to a web-based survey promoted via Facebook advertisements targeting 18-64 Australians.

The NCPIC told TTT the survey was not a representative study, but expressed concern in the findings that 21 per cent of respondents indicated they have used cannabis within four hours of going to work, and 20 percent of them during work.

Dr Peter Gates of NCPIC said the figures were: “not only shocking, but shows the disregard some people have for their own safety and that of their workmates,”

“What’s really alarming is some tradies are operating heavy machinery, dealing with hazardous materials and driving oversized vehicles on public roads while their ability to do so is seriously impaired by an illegal substance — and they know it,” Gates said, citing 49% of those who used the drug before or at work believing it has a significant impact on their work skills and safety.

Over half of survey respondents indicated their workplace performs regular drug testing although only 12 per cent reported they have tested positive for drugs in the workplace with around one third expecting they would get away with it.

“Tradies need to realise that being caught by a drug test is not the only risk associated with using cannabis at work. In the short-term they risk losing their job – or worse, a mate, and in the long-term they are increasing their risk of developing respiratory and mental illnesses,” Gates added.

Editor’s Note:

If you are smoking dope before or while on the tools, then you are the tool. Guys lose their eyesight, hands, fingers, limbs or worse all the time. And if you hurt someone else and are found to have been under the influence of drugs or alcohol then you might well end up in prison. Yeah… prison.

Seriously, is it worth it? If you wanna waste your life in a bong that’s your prerogative, but don’t put others in danger. Since you love a rush, go get a natural high and take up BASE Jumping (also illegal in Australia – so you can still rage against the machine) or big wave surfing or run to Africa or something.

And if your workmate is under the influence on the job, do something about it. Approach him first and ask him to stop. If it continues, report it to HR or your boss before he or she kills someone.

If you work in HR, educate your staff and maybe talk to an OHS advisor about implementing testing, or it could come back to bite you… hard.

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