What do tradies earn? A full analysis.


Victorian tradies are consistently charging the least out of any Australian state, according to research by trade services marketplace ServiceSeeking.com.au.

They analysed ten common trades in the renovation industry and over 54,000 quotes to “Joe Public” over the first three months of 2015 and found plumbers and sparkies charge the most (between $70-$80 an hour), figures consistent with their most recent tradie income assessment.

The average national hourly rate being charged across the trades has risen 4.2 per cent since the same quarter last year, from $58.23 to $60.67 an hour.

Western Australian tradies have seen the largest increase in rates across the board, over 10 per cent on last year and overtaking Queensland as the best paid tradies in the renovation industry. A plumber in WA charges on average $96.93/hour, $18 above the national average and the cost of hiring a WA builder has increased by 22.01% to $83.35 per hour

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Notes – Red = % Increase | Green = % Decrease | SA Figures not included by TTT due to sample size.

– Figures do not include commercial work, employment or sub-contracting and are focused on businesses and tradies servicing the home renovation market.

National Landscaper incomes have seen consistently large rises over the last two years, with solid pay increases from around $54/hour on average in FY Q1 (July-September) 2013 to $60 in FY Q1 2014 rising to $67 in FY Q3 (Jan-March) 2015.

Despite the rises in hourly rates, painters earn the least with a national average of $41.6/hour while tilers and floorers are also charging in the low forties on average.

CEO of ServiceSeeking, Jeremy Levitt said that the increased price was a supply and demand equation.

“Fewer tradies are quoting this year than last, so the tradies with capacity end up charging more”, he said.

“With more Australians feeling confident about rising property prices and undertaking renovation projects, the major constraint is now the number of available tradies with capacity to undertake new work.”


  • The average charge across the renovation industry is $60.67 an hour – up 4.2 per cent.
  • Plumbers and sparkies earn the most.
  • Painters earn the least.
  • Tradies charge the least in Victoria.
  • Charges in WA jumped 10.4%, making it the most expensive State to renovate.

What do YOU say? Have you got plenty of work? Are these figures consistent with what you charge?


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